Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wacky Holiday Challenge - Ride the Wind Day

Today is Ride the Wind Day!


Do you hang your head out da car window to feel da wind in your furs?

My favorite way to feel da wind in my furs is to ride in my bike trailer.

It's da best feeling in da world.  

I like to ride lookin' forward


I like to ride lookin' backwards.

Riding backwards.
It is all grrrrrrreat fun and all da other pups in da hood are so jealous.

Arrrrooooooo.... enjoy your windy ride today!

Pees....... tomorrow we celebrate Vesuvius Day.   I'm gonna have to google dat one.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wacky Holiday Challenge - Angels and Tooth Fairy's

Today is Be an Angel Day and National Tooth Fairy Day!


Do you believe in Angels and the Tooth Fairy?
I do.   I have a lot furfriends dat Crossed Over da Rainbow bBridge and are now Angels.   I miss dem all but take comfort in knowing dat dey are now furAngels.

Now, as for da Tooth Fairy....
Oh my..... a tooth.

I believe in her too.

Ya see, when I was a wee little laddie, I lost my baby teeth.  We put dem in a little Tooth Fairy bag.
My Tooth Fairy bag.

I put it under my bed.
 And da next morning.... da Puppy Tooth Fairy left me a pawsome surprise.
BONE !!!!!!!!

I Believe.


Pees...... tomorrow we celebrate Ride the Wind Day!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wacky Holiday Challenge - Senior Eclipse Day

Dis is a really BIG day.

Not only is it National Spumoni Day and Senior Citizen's Day, butt it is also Total Eclipse Day (in da US).  


I'm ready.... let da show begin.
I hope dis eclipse thingy doesn't give me any more grey hairs.  Lately it takes Mom forever to photoshop dem out, so I don't look like a senior citizen (like her..... hehehe).


Pees....   tomorrow is Be an Angel Day and National Tooth Fairy Day

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